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Nikola Neskovic – Your Digital Problem Solver

For the last few years, I’ve worked many types jobs, mostly in IT and business. As a graduate of economics, I’ve understood business people and their needs, but my interest always led me back to internet and technology. 3 years after graduating, I enrolled again in a web programming course, just to learn more about tech, and to better understand how things work on the backend. This and many other curiosities has transformed me into the versatile tech-minded business person I am today. 
Through various projects, people have often reached out to me on social networks offering me freelance work. To many, I am often the stopgap solution to their online problems. From showcasing websites, managing Facebook and Instagram accounts, graphic design services like posters, flyers, visit cards, and even being the guy for google search optimization and so on. I relished the opportunity to help them and be responsible for delivering a quality solution  for a growing business in need.
As a result of all my time invested into events, public speaking, free  consultations, and movement around various business ecosystems, Ive gained most valuable thing a young man can gain in their young business career:  a network of people who trust me. I can proudly say that I have more than 20 different teams and individuals in Serbia whose services I can represent.


 What is a Digital Problem Solver?

It’s basically a digitalization consultant, but “a problem solver” somehow more explains what I’m doing with people. Helping them instead of consulting. 

My approach is always friendly, direct and open, and goal-oriented – to solve the problem which gives you a headache.

Nowadays, digitalization is everywhere around us, so almost every business needs some kind of digital actions as part of their “money-making journey”.  Some business relies completely on the internet and his derivates, while others see it as support medium from time to time. 

Anyways, the internet is here to ease our life, and I’m here to ease your job which can come up if the internet isn’t something which you are so fluent.  




OiS stands for Outsource in Serbia 

What Am I offering?

I’m offering brilliant minds from my country for a reasonable price.

It’s easier for people to read this way:

1. Free meeting/call for identifying problem(s)

2. If I can help with it, we set up budget/hourly rate for a specific problem

3.1. Education/consulting as a solution – I will teach/help you or your employee how to use, install, implement (or another fancy verb) online solution to your problem.

3.2. Key in hands solution – I’ll coordinate your project with my partners regarding your needs. If you are asking what could potential solutions be, keep reading. 

Outsourcing services – some of solving methods

Web Development

A mix of programming and art which powers up the visual feeling and interactions of the web. Using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript make your design powerfull and user-friendly, to help the clients feel comfortable in your environment. No matter which browser, not matter which operating system, device, front end development will help you show the same design to everyone!
The backend consists of different parts, server, application and database. Once you enter the application it stores the data into your database on your server. The backend development is working on all these behind the scenes parts of applications. The backend development in short is an enabler for frontend experience. It does calucations, business logic, database interactions and performance.

Mobile Development
Mobile application development is similar to web application development. The difference is that mobile applications are written to use the advantages of mobile devices. Nowadays when mobile phones are reachable to everyone, mobile development is important same just as web development. With it, you can give your clients access to your business wherever they go, which is always important.
Web & Graphic Design
We create attractive designs which will help your business grow very fast. Web design is face of your company, a way to show clients that your brand is the one for them. It is getting large audience to notice you and your business. We design based on your feedback and analytics data adaptive for all kinds of devices, for people all over the world. The design is something where everything starts, which customer sees, without it logic is not important. Fresh up your company with brand new design!
B2B Marketing
B2B companies require a different kind of marketing agency. A team that leads with strategy, data and insight – and follows through with compelling, results-focused execution. A partner who gets smart quickly about complex technologies, products and services – and translates them into visibility-raising brand messaging.
B2C Marketing
Media and advertising is growing in complexity each and every day. From new social media platforms and wearable devices to mobile payment platforms and even connected cars, there are more ways than ever to reach your customers in your customers’ channels of choice. We can help you craft the perfect strategy for your company, and will manage it from the first click to the start of a profitable relationship.
Pre Sales Lead Generation
Sales teams spend more than half of their time generating leads and trying to reach them instead of talking to potential clients and closing the deals. Our demand generation service lets your team focus on activities that really matter- negotiating and closing the deals.
If your website is not bringing the expected results even with advanced content strategies, chances are some of its technical properties are impeding your progress. Since only a properly built website is a well-performing website, you need to make sure that every single element is optimized to meet Google’s long established criteria.
Native english writers with a lot of experience in guest bloging, copywriting, are waiting to turn your ideas into convertable PR articles. Written word still matters!
3D Animation
If you are looking for high quality video to showcase your business, or advertise your solution/product, talented studio from Serbia is waiting for you.

If you are in need of any of these services above

What people say about me

I talk with Nikola every time i got some new idea, he’s the guy who can connect the dots, and find right resources for implementation of them. Very valuable person to have on your team! 

Djuradj Caranovic

Serial entrepreneur

Nikola and I worked together on many social media projects. He is the most responsible person I ever met. His attitude toward solving problems, entrepreneurial mindset really help me. He is always getting things done!

Martina Andjelkovic

Social media specialist

From the day we met, I knew Nikola was a determined professional. Always direct, and accommodating. He helped me to find various digital teams for expanding my range of digital client services.

Marc Spindel

SEO Specialist

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